Good things for a good life

That's our motto. We only offer products we use ourselves ... or would use. We don't actually have every single Dr. Bronner's soap fragrance at home. We've been doing this since 2010 with thousands and thousands of happy customers.

Products on Eichenhain

We do test all products we offer. We research and make sure that all products are just good products for a good life. You won't find any weird chemicals or ingredients - no artificial colourings, no taste enhancers, no nothing. It is surprisingly difficult to find such products. But, as a result, we can honestly say that we stand 100% behind our products.

Producers on Eichenhain

We look for producers that are true to their profession, that are proud of their product, and that brook no compromise when it comes to quality. Typically, this means we work with small producers and family businesses that are hands-on in the production. Manus hand-harvests all our wild algae from the Irish coasts and islands, decked out in wellies.


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