Sea spaghetti - wild harvested

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Sea spaghetti, Himanthalia elongata, is a very good name for this alga. Not only does it look like spaghetti in squid ink sauce, but you can even use it like spaghetti proper.

Using sea spaghetti

It's great as a raw pasta/noodle dish. After soaking overnight in the fridge, sea spaghetti expands and looks like tagliatelle. Like with regular pasta, it is very mild in taste and it's the sauce that really gives the dish its flavor.

You can use spaghetti in salads or even as a salad, too. In salads it imparts loads of micronutrients and adds a certain heft to salad. As a salad, dress it with some good olive oil and vingear or any way you fancy. It's a friendly alga that gets along well with almost any dressing. 

Sea spaghetti at a glance

  • From the northwestern coasts of Ireland
  • Wild and hand-harvested
  • Raw
  • Regularly tested for heavy metals
  • Natural - you might find the occasional sea critter amongst the strands

  • Ingredients: Sea spaghetti
  • Weight at time of packaging - weight loss due to further drying possible
  • Storage: Dry and cool

  • Note: Please soak for a couple of hours while changing the water to reduce the potentially high level of iodine. Not more than 2g daily.
Nährwertangaben pro 100g
Brennwert 1229kJ/293 kcal
Eiweiß 6-11g
Fett 0,5g
davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 0,7g
Kohlenhydrate 61g
davon Zucker 61g
Salz 3-3,4g
Why we love algae

Algae has a long history of being used in Europe as a food. The Vikings used algae to combat scurvy on long voyages. Dulse even stars in an Icelandic saga.

Our delicious sea vegetables are wild-harvested from the northwestern coasts of Ireland and carefully air-dried. Sea veggies are generally rich in trace elements and vitamins. Algae is an ideal and unique addition to any diet.

We want to revive the tradition of using algae as a culinary ingredient. Join us in discovering our past and re-imagining our future!

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