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The Ochsenriegel from Ochsenstolz (Englisch: Ox Bar from Ox Pride) is a great savory snack. Whether you are working at a desk or on a hiking mountains, Ochsenriegel will provide you with the energy and protein you need. Keep this box of 10 packs in your office (refridgeration not necessary!) or at home.

Der Ochsenriegel

Ochsenriegel are air-dried and smoked over beech. The bar is tender and tastes a bit like a buttery-soft ham.

50g (= 1 pack) Ochsenriegel are made using 95g grass-fed beef. One Ochsenriegel is a hearty snack you will be sure to enjoy.

The meat

Only high-quality grass-fed beef is used. The beef comes from the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, often called Germany's Texas due to its vast expanses and free-roaming cattle herds, which are actually frequently still herded on horseback. Talk about a cowboy's snack!

At a glance

Ingredients: Grass-fed beef, sea salt (without anti-caking agents), dextrose (note: the dextrose is used only to start the fermentation process and is practically totally consumed during the fermentation), spices (pepper, garlic, mace, coriander), edible beef collagen casing, beech smoke (by being really smoked!).

Free of taste enhancers. Gluten free, lactose free.

Each 50g pack contains 2 sausages. 100g of finished product are made using 190g fresh beef.

Nutritional content pro 100 g: 882 kJ/209 kcal, 40g protein, 1g carbohydrates, 5g fat

Taste: Tenderly chewy, mildly spiced.

Storage: Cool and dry. Refridgeration not required.

Product information
Nutritional information per 100g per portion (50g)
 Calories  882 kJ/209 kcal  441/104.5kcal
 Protein  40g  20g
 Fat  5g  2.5g
  saturated fats  1.3g  0.6g
 Carbohydrates  1g  0.5g
  Sugar  0g  0g
 Salt  4g  2g
 Fiber  0g  0g
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Super lecker!

SUUUUUUPER-LECKER und endlich mal was ohne Zusätze wie Nitritpökelsalz und ähnlichen Mist. Absolute Kaufempfehlung, ich werde sie definitiv wieder bestellen!

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Verifizierter Kauf

Heimische Produktion, sehr guter Geschmack

Habe ich probiert, muss sagen, sehr guter und kräftiger Geschmack. Aus heimischer Produktion finde ich immer gut.

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Verifizierter Kauf

Regional und sehr gute Zutaten

Sehr dezenter und kräftiger Geschmack. Mir persönlich fast ein bisschen zu herb. Ansonsten gibts an dem Produkt nichts auszusetzen: Regional und sehr gute Zutaten.

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tierisch gut

realer und unverfälschter geschmack, kompromislos, kräftig und tierisch gut

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