D-Mannose from birch and beech

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1000g on sale because of best before date. The product itself smells stronger than usual.

D-mannose is a natural sugar won from hardwoods like birch and the European beech. The powder is white and tastes slightly sweet. It is also little sticky to the touch - you can tell it's a sugar.

Using D-mannose

Recommended dose: 1g (ca 1 teaspoon) in ca 150ml water

  • Prevention: 1 x day
  • Treatment (take as soon as possible for best effect): every 2-3 hours and 3 days afterwards

Why we like d-mannose

We can't say because of the Health Claims Regulation.

D-mannose at a glance

  • Naturally produced from renewable sources (birch and/or European beech)
  • Made in the USA, not in China
  • Taste: Slightly sweet, dissolved in water hardly any taste
  • Ingredients: D-mannose
  • Storage and shelf life: Under dry and cool conditions ca 3 years. Note: To keep the powder from clumping you can place some rice in a tea filter or other cloth and in the jar or pouch.

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Hochwertiges Produkt, sofortige Wirkung, enthält keinen GMO Mais

Diese D-Mannose halte ich für qualitativ sehr hochwertig, da sie nicht aus dem Mais hergestellt wurde, sondern aus Buche und Birke. Man findet in Deutschland kaum D-Mannose aus Rotbuche und Birke. Eine Großpackung ist auch von Vorteil. Es kann sonst schnell teuer werden, wenn man eine akute Blasenentzündung hat.

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Herzlichen Dank für die Rückmeldung und Bewertung!
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Einfach super

Seit mehreren Jahren kaufe ich hier das Pulver. Ich hatte ständige Blasenentzündungen, nichts half, nicht mal die Spritzen.
Durch Zufall hörte ich vor ca. 5 Jahren von dem Pulver und habe es sofort gekauft. Seither werde ich meine seltenen Blasenentzündungen gleich, ohne lange, starke Schmerzen , schnell wieder los.
Ein großes Lob für die tolle Bedienung.

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Wir freuen uns wirklich sehr, dass es Ihnen zwischenzeitlich gut geht! Herzlichen Dank für die Bewertung!
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Sehr schnelle Lieferung

Sehr schnelle Lieferung. Konnte dadurch der BE Paroli bieten und es hat zusammen mit einem zusätzlichen pflanzlichen Mittel geholfen.Werde es weiter prophylaktisch einnehmen.

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Super, das freut uns. Alles Gute weiterhin!
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I love this product!

D-Mannose has changed my life for good. I have been sufering from recurrent acute cystitis since early age and over the years I can tell that I have tryed all sort of remedies including being flooded with antibiotics. I came across D-Mannose by chance and since the first time I tryed it has helped me lots. Just followed the instructions and it alliviated my symptoms and pain. Now everytime I start feeling that a flair is comming I take it and it works wonderful for me. I like that I can buy this product by the bulk.

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That is so good to hear! We are very glad that you're doing well. Thank you for detailed feedback. All the best going forward!

Very satisfied

I live in the United States and could not find any D-mannose made from birch. Luckly, I found this product and was able to have it shipped to me quickly with no problems. The D-mannose is terrific and everything I was hoping for. If that wasn't enough, the customer service team at Eichenhain was a pleasure to work with as well. Thank you so much!

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That's great - and shipping was even surprisingly quick. I'm very happy everything worked out well and you're happy with the D-mannose. Thanks and all the best to the US!

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