D-Mannose from birch and beech

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D-mannose is a natural sugar won from hardwoods like birch and the European beech. The powder is white and tastes slightly sweet. It is also little sticky to the touch - you can tell it's a sugar.

The body doesn't process the sugar, and it also does not affect blood sugar levels. Instead, and this is why d-mannose is rather special, it appears to attach itself to e. coli bacteria, which then get excreted during urination. The vast majority of urinary tract infections (UTIs) are due to e. coli bacteria.

D-mannose might thus be a natural dietary alternative to antibiotics for the treatment of UTIs., as this study indicates: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23633128. It, however, does also call for more studies to be conducted. D-mannose might work like a super-high powered concentrate of cranberry juice, an a household remedy for UTIs. One of cranberry juice's secret ingredients is in infact d-mannose.

Using D-mannose

Recommended dose: 1g (ca 1 teaspoon) in ca 150ml water

  • Prevention: 1 x day
  • Treatment (take as soon as possible for best effect): every 2-3 hours and 3 days after all symptoms have vanished

Why we like d-mannose

One of us used to have a recurring UTI problem. Doctors just prescribed antibiotics. Antibiotics are a fantastic invention, but their over-prescription and overuse is only leading to antibiotic resistant bacteria. They also aren't easy on the body and kill off also all the good bacteria we need for optimal health. We discovered d-mannose and gave it a try - and it worked wonderfully! We've been taking it regularly since then. It's stood the test of time and now we're more than happy to offer this natural and wonderful remedy to you.

D-mannose at a glance

  • Naturally produced from renewable sources (birch and/or European beech)
  • Taste: Slightly sweet, dissolved in water hardly any taste
  • Ingredients: D-mannose
  • Storage and shelf life: Under dry and cool conditions ca 3 years. Note: To keep the powder from clumping you can place some rice in a tea filter or other cloth and in the jar or pouch.
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