Good Things for a Good Life

This is our motto and we take it seriously, meaning we sell only products we use or would use ourselves - because how much Dr. Bronner's liquid soap can one person use. ;-)

If you are wondering what Eichenhain means - it means Oak Grove and we really like oak trees. There is a beautiful old-growth forest near us. We like walking there amongst the grand beech and oak trees. The represent what we are truly passionate about: nature, beauty, strength, and persistence. Those are the values we pursue here.

Eichenhain products

We actually test all the things we sell. We do our research. You won’t find chemistry and any additives here - no colouring, no added tastes, nothing. It is suprisingly difficult to find such things.

Eichenhain producers

We search for producers, who, just as us, are true to themselves and produce goods of quality. Often we work with small, one man companies, where the person who sells us the goods actually handled each and every item you buy. For example, Manus collects per hand each piece of wild sea algae you will get and Brian the Jerky Guy personally dries every piece you will enjoy.

That means that the things will sometimes not be factory perfect, that mistakes will happen - but that also means that you get real food and real products, which in 99% of cases will be of exceptional quality. Sometimes the lack of preservatives, or colouring, or a simple human mistake may mean that something is faulty. In such a case, please do let us know. Both the producers and we at Eichenhain are happy when you are happy and we will do everything possible so that you are satisfied with our products.

Eichenhain prices

We believe in price honesty. We try to make a well running business here and we try to be fair to our customers. 

You might have noticed that we mainly have even prices. You won't find prices ending with 99 in the Oak Grove. We don't believe in only seemingly low prices. We believe in price honesty. We have 25 cent price steps.

Eichenhain accounts

Go ahead and order without an account, or sign up for one to administer your orders easier, maintain multiple shipping addresses, and have our eternal gratitude!

Eichenhain's commitment to society

We are a small company but we do our part. Read here about our social involvement.

Happy shopping! 

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