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Veggies truly stay fresh (much) longer. I was skeptical at first, but a friend convinced me by showing me how fresh her veggies stayed! :)

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Product description

Vejibag Organic Cotton Bag is the healthy, eco-friendly solution for storing and preserving vegetables in the refrigerator. Leafy greens in particular love the special micro-climate that the bag creates.

Too many fresh vegetables turn to brown slime when stored in plastic. Plastics suffocate produce and promotes rot. The organic cotton Vejibag creates a humid environment that lets vegetables breath. Vegetables remain crisp and vibrant for twice as long than if stored in plastic.

100% organic french terry cotton - the cotton is grown by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative, and hand sewn by employee-owned Opportunity Threads, in Valdese, North Carolina.

When damp, the cloth Vejibag keeps moisture-loving vegetables moist and crisp in a breathable but high humidity environment. Moisture slowly evaporates from the surface of the bag to circulate air and keep the vegetables “breathing.” The slightly moist environment of the bag keeps vegetables crisp far longer than vegetables stored in a plastic bag.

Vejibag Organic Cotton Bag 

Composition: 100% organic cotton

Standard Size : 27.9 x 30.5 cm

Long Size: 27.9 x 43.2 cm

Vejibags are machine washable and dryable. Turn Vejibags inside out and launder with fragrance free detergent. Hang in the sun to dry or machine dry, expect 10% shrinkage the first time as this is a 100% cotton bag! If your bag gets stained you can safely remove most stains with an oxygen bleach or make your own environmentally friendly stain remover solution with 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons of washing soda. Add enough hot water to the washing soda solution to cover bag and let sit 24 hours.

How to use a Vejibag:

  1. Wet and wring the bag.
  2. Rinse and shake off the excessive amount of water from the veggies.
  3. Store moist veggies in the Vejibag and enjoy crisp, fresh produce everyday!

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Muster für Upcycling-Beutel

Da ich die handelsüblichen Kordelsäckchen nicht immer praktisch finde und selbst auch ein wenig nähe, habe ich mir die Gemüsebeutel als Muster bestellt. Ich war neugierig auf das verwendete Material und wie der Beutel genäht ist. Upcycling ist das Thema. Fazit: Alte Biofrottee-Handtücher und alte weiße Bettlaken/Bezüge (damit die Innenseite glatt ist) auf diese Weise miteinander zu vernähen, gibt schön-praktische Geschenke. Ob Bärlauch, Vogelmiere, Giersch, Löwenzahn oder Labkraut... das Angebot an wildem Grün ist groß und jeden Tag kommt man nicht immer zum Sammeln an geeignete Plätze.

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Oh, eine super Idee! Wir haben gerade Bärlauch bei unserem Beutel drin. :-) Gerne Bilder des upgecycleten Beutels teilen!
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Haven't stopped using my vejibag ever since I got one 5 years ago

Strongly recommend to anyone, who eats a lot of herbs and salads. It keeps the greens crispy and fresh at least for a week. Sometimes when I bring greens from the market the herbs look a bit sad, but after a day in the damp vejibag they become fresher. All you need to do is to keep the bag damp and the vegetables / greens can last in the bag for up to 2 weeks. I discovered the vejibag 5 years ago and I cannot imagine my household without it. We currently have 3 vejibags at home (2 'long' ones and 1 'standard' one). The long ones are very convenient for kale and Swiss chard. I recommend it to all my friends.

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5 years! Thanks for the longest-term review ever! :)
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Hält wirklich frisch

Ich lege meine Salate rein und diese bleiben viel länger frisch und knackig. Eine gute Anlage!

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