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With these orthopedically designed toe separators you can train your foot muscles and align your toes naturally.

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Product description

CorrectToes™ separate tight toes as a correction aid and align the toes with each other.

Healthy feet through stronger feet, better blood circulation & more mobility

Influencing the structure of each individual toe
Aligning the toes in their original anatomical position relative to each other and the floor
Strength of alignment can be increased by inserting additional material
Can be optimally combined with barefoot shoes and minimal shoes
used by numerous competitive athletes to train the foot muscles

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CorrectToes™ Shoe size
XS 32 - 37
S 37 - 40
M 40 - 44
L 45+

CorrectToes™ should be worn actively to develop their full effect, ie every day, either barefoot at home or in barefoot and minimal shoes when out and about. It is important that the CorrectToes fit well and, above all, not too loosely!

If you have any questions about size, just send us a message and we will help. :)

What shoes can I wear CorrectToes™ in?

In order to walk and run in shoes with CorrectToes™, the toes and the entire forefoot area must have enough space in the shoe.

You can easily determine whether your shoe is suitable for this: take one insole of the shoe out of the shoe and stand on it with CorrectToes™ on.

If parts of your foot protrude beyond the insole, the shoes and the space in them are not sufficient.

Why shouldn't I wear CorrectToes™ at night?

CorrectToes™ were designed so that, unlike almost all other toe separators, they can be worn in shoes or barefoot - and not just overnight, like "classic hallux valgus splints".

Because only when moving is it possible to train the supporting system in your feet with the help of CorrectToes™ so that this change can actually become permanent.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to wear the CorrectToes™ overnight; some users find it pleasant and relaxing (but others don't - just try it out).

How long do I have to wear CorrectToes™?

The most important prerequisite for starting the path to healthy feet is to stop wearing conventional shoes and wear shoes that allow and support the natural function of the feet ("barefoot shoes").

If you wear CorrectToes™ in these shoes every day and also support and strengthen your feet with special exercises ("Toega"), you create good conditions for the path to naturally functioning feet and toes.

Of course, the long-term goal is to strengthen and align your feet to the point where you no longer need CorrectToes™.

How long this takes depends on the individual case.

How are CorrectToes™ different from regular toe separators?

CorrectToes™ not only spread the toes, their structure influences each individual toe and their anatomical position relative to each other and to the ground. This means you align your feet as if you were mostly walking barefoot.

CorrectToes™ were developed in the USA by Dr. Ray McClanahan, an orthopedist ("podiatrist") who specializes in foot health and who himself suffered from foot problems for years.

CorrectToes™ are made from medical-grade silicone, making them antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and extremely flexible.

Can I return CorrectToes™ even though I modified it?

Unfortunately not.

Should I continue to use my orthopedic insoles?

Patients with chronic foot problems are often prescribed orthopedic insoles. This can provide short-term relief, but many people wear the braces permanently, which can be detrimental to the strength and health of the foot.

CorrectToes™ work differently:

The foot can be trained and thus strengthened by gradually restoring its original shape.

It is important that the foot has enough freedom of movement and is not hindered by - usually rigid - insoles.

Therefore, wearing insoles with CorrectToes™ on at the same time is expressly not recommended.

Are there people who shouldn't use CorrectToes™?

If you suffer from diabetes, poor circulation, or impaired sensation in your feet (neuropathy), you should NOT wear CorrectToes™.

If you are unsure, be sure to ask your doctor.

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