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Dörrle Luisenhaller Salt Edition is an all-natural beef jerky. This Luisenhaller Salt Edition is made especially of us. It is made in Germany's Black Forest using choice beef from Hinterwald Cattle. Besides beef, the only ingredients are Luisenhaller salt and apple vinegar.

This jerky is both for purists as well as those following an AIP diet. It is an excellent snack both for athletes and for gourmets.

The Jerky

There are different styles of jerky. Some are softer and moister, some are a bit drier and harder. Dörrle belong to the drier and harder style. It has a very natural taste that develops slowly while being chewed.

This Luisenhaller Salt Edition of Dörrle is made with Luisenhaller salt, apple vinegar, and good old-fashioned love for what you do. That's it. Your great-great grandparents would understand and appreciate each and every ingredient. The spices used for Dörrle jerky are brandy vinegar, white and black pepper, coriander, caraway and cloves.

If you have ever looked at the ingredient list on a typical bag of jerky, you will know that flavour enhancers are unfortunately all too common. None of our products have any such ingredients. The quality of the meat and the spices used for Dörrle guarantees that is not necessary.

The salt used is Luisenhaller Tiefensalz, which is mined and produced in Europe's only still-existing pan salt works. Luisenhaller salt is made as it was 150 years ago. It is free from additives but rich in trace elements and minerals. Tiefensalz, literally deep salt, has a unique taste and texture.

The Hinterwald Rind

The Hinterwald Cattle is an old heirloom breed from Germany's Black Forest. Its ancestor is a Celtic breed of cattle. The Hinterwald is the smallest extant cattle breed in Central Europe, which is why it has been given the moniker "The Arabian of Cattle". It stands about 120 cm high at the shoulder. It is an agile, hardy, sure-footed and frugal animal perfectly adapted to the steep slopes and moist and deep-soiled plateaus of the southern High Black Forest. The Hinterwald played an important role in creating the traditional Black Forest common pastures with their beech groves. Today, the Hinterwald is a natural landscaper and essential to the preservation of these beautiful Black Forest landscapes.

Hinterwald Cattle pasture as cattle should. It is 100% paleo.

The German Federal Agency for Meat Research describes its meat as finely marbled and particularly tender, juicy and tasty.

The German gourmet magazine DER FEINSCHMECKER ranked it first in a comparison and described it as fine, buttery tender and aromatic.

In 2006, Slow Food inducted the Hinterwald into the Ark of Taste. This jerky helps support biodiversity, traditional and high-quality trade skills and the cultivated landscape of the Black Forest.

Dörrle Luisenhaller Salt Edition at a glance

  • No sugar. No MSG. 100% love.
  • 25kg fresh meat yield about 8kg jerky
  • Ingredients: Beef (Hinterwald Cattle), apple vinegar, Luisenhaller deep salt.
  • Nutrition per 100g: 308 kcal, protein 66.8g, fats 4.1g, carbohydrates 1g
  • Storage: Dry - do not store in fridge
  • Taste: A dry jerky that reveals its very natural taste and a hint of vinegar when chewed.
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