Plantain flour

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Plantain flour, gluten-free, great for pancakes - even works for pies.

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Data sheet


Product description

This flour is 100% pure plantain - no additives, no nothing.

Plantain flour is naturally gluten free, lactose free and egg free, as well as being paleo. It is an excellent substitution for wheat flour for dishes such as pancakes. In breads, it can replace up to 30% regular flour.

Plantain flour is made by drying green, unripe plantains and grinding them to flour. It contains so-called resistant starch and is the reason we first started looking into plantain flour. 100g of plantain flour have between 35g and 68g resistant starch:


Plantains are a staple food in South America, Asia and Africa. They are starchier than regular bananas and can be used like potatoes. Green (unripe) plantains, such as are used for planatain flour, taste neither sweet nor like banana. When ripe (yellow), they taste like a slightly sweet banana and impart this flavor to the dish.

Using Plantain Flour

Plantain flour is a versatile flour. It can be used 1:1 as a substitute for regular flour in dishes such as pancakes, semolina, roux and other sauces.

For dishes such as bread, plantain flour can replace up to 30% of regular wheat flour.

Plantain flour does NOT taste like banana.

Plantain flour at a glance

  • Contents: 1 carton with 2 x 500g plantain flour
  • Ingredients: Plantain flour
  • Taste: Neutral taste, slightly nutty, NOT like banana
  • Nutritional information (per 100g)
Energy 341kcal /1477kJ

- Saturated fats

- Sugar






Frequently asked questions

  • Does plantain flour taste like bananas?

    No, plantain flour does not taste like bananas. Plantain flour is very neutral. It does not taste like bananas at all.

  • Can I replace wheat flour 1:1 with plantain flour?

    Yes and no. 😀

    The biggest difference between plantain flour and wheat flour is that wheat flour contains gluten. Gluten has the wonderful property of serving as a binder, as a glue. That's why you can make a dough and not just a batter. The main difference between dough and batter is that dough holds together well. You can knead it, stretch it, and twirl a pizza bottom in the air.

    Because plantain flour is gluten-free, it's not gluey. Consequently, you can use plantain flour as a 1:1 substitute where gluten is not important, for example for pancakes. However, you can't bake a classic bread or buns with it. The texture will be much denser, heavier, and more crumbly.

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vielseitig einsetzbar und gut verträglich

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Das freut uns! Vielen Dank für die Bewertung und weiterhin viel Freude damit!
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Customer didn't write any details

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Danke für die Bewertung!
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Sehr köstlich für Pfannkuchen

Macht super Pfannkuchen - ich nutzte zuvor Buchweizenmehl für meine Pfannkuchen da ich auf Weizen ganz verzichten muss, um ehrlich zu sein waren die Pfannkuchen immer sehr "schwer".

Aber dieses Bananamehl ist fantastisch, man kann das Mehl 1:1 austauschen niemand merkt den Unterschied. Total "fluffige" und leckere Pfannkuchen.

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Super, das freut uns sehr! Für Pfannkuchen ist das Mehl wirklich fantastisch, kann man kan leicht 1:1 austauschen. Wünschen weiterhin guten Appetit! :D
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Super, merci! :)
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Alles perfekt

Habe Pfannekuchen mit dem Kochbananenmehl gebacken. Schmeckte lecker.

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Wunderbar! Vielen Dank für die Bewertung!

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